Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia



Technomancy== Technomancers exploit the merging of magic with technology 
that’s made possible by the Technomancy tradition to create 
even more powerful devices to aid them on their expeditions. 
With a few moments of work, they can fashion useful 
inventions to help them perform certain activities and can 
eventually create automata from ordinary objects.

Level 7 Technomancer

Attributes Increase three by 1

Characteristics Health +2, Power +1

Languages and Professions You can speak another language or add a profession.

Magic You discover the Technomancy tradition or learn 
one Technomancy spell.

Invention When you cast a Technomancy spell, you also 
create a device you can hold in one hand that’s imbued 
with magical power that lasts until you expend it or until 
you complete a rest. When you make an attack roll or 
a challenge roll, you can expend the power from the 
device to make the roll with 1 boon.

Level 10 Technomancer

Characteristics Health +2

Magic You learn one spell.

Animate Object The target becomes a compelled construct of its Size for the 
duration. If the target was secured, its Speed is 0.