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Paths, traditionally called classes in other RPG systems, are the specializations that characters can follow in order to define their theme, playstyle, abilities, etc. They are divided in 4 categories

The core book introduces several path options to be chosen from. However, a lot of paths were introduced later in supplements, mainly in the Paths of Shadow series. These additions are listed in each specific page for paths.

Novice Paths[]

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Novice Paths are attained at level 1, when the characters complete their very first adventure. They give the basic playstyle a character can have. The 4 basic Novice Paths available are Magician, Priest, Rogue and Warrior, with Adept being introduced optionally in Forbidden Rules. Plenty of variations and customizations were later introduced in supplements.

Expert Paths[]

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Attained at level 3, Expert Paths give either specialize into a playstyle or give a whole new one for characters to use. They are pretty distinct from one another, and many elements in them end up as core gameplay for a character.

Master Paths[]

Main article: Master Paths

Master paths are attained at level 7. They are either a specialization of a mechanic in the game, such as Corruption, polearm weapons, spell traditions or pretty much anything, or introduce an entirely new and powerful concept, much like Expert Paths do.

Legendary Path[]

Having a legendary path is completely optional. They let characters obtain level 11 and beyond, developing further into transcended levels. The power attained may rival the gods, such as powerful spells or damage as high as high difficulty monsters.

The only legendary path available, Paragon, is first described in Forbidden Rules and later revised in Occult Philosophy.