Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia

Only those who forge bonds with earth genies can 
wield the power of Earth magic. Geomancers go a step 
farther, bridging the distance between themselves and 
their companion to gain even greater control over earth 
and stone. Such a connection escalates the physical 
transformation resulting from their bond; geomancers lose 
all their body hair and their skin assumes the appearance 
of stone, whether smooth or pebbled, unbroken or fissured.

Level 7 Geomancer[]

Attributes Increase three by 1
Characteristics Health +4, Power +1
Magic You discover the Earth tradition or learn an Earth 
Earthen Defense You can use an action to expend a casting 
of an Earth spell of rank 1 or higher. Roll a d6 for each 
rank of the spell and total the numbers rolled. The total 
becomes your Earthen Defense, a pool of points used to 
absorb damage. While your Earthen Defense pool has at 
least 1 point, when you take damage, subtract the damage 
from the pool first and then take any damage that 
remains. The effect lasts until the pool drops to 0 points, 
you use this talent again, or you complete a rest.

Level 10 Geomancer[]

Characteristics Health +4
Magic You learn one spell.
Earth Walker You ignore the effects of moving across 
difficult terrain made from earth, sand, or stone. In addition, you can move through spaces occupied by 
earth, sand, or stone. If you end your movement inside 
a solid space, you are moved back to an open space 
nearest to the point where you entered that space.