Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia

Sources of fiction which compliment the Shadow of the Demon Lord game, either in setting or flavour.

"The Broken Sword" by Poul Anderson[]

  • Robert Schwalb has cited this book as an inspiration for SOTDL's treatment of elves.
  • Grim, dark fantasy set primarily in the British Isles during the Viking era. Heavily dips into Norse mythology (the Norse gods, frost giants, etc) and British & Irish mythology (faerie, trolls, leprechauns, changelings).
  • Written in 1954, it has a style similar to the ancient Icelandic and Norwegian sagas.
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"Memory, Sorrow, Thorn" series by Tad Williams[]

  • Robert Schwalb also mentioned this as a source of inspiration for SOTDL's faerie.
  • Epic fantasy trilogy which predates both the Song of Ice and Fire and the Wheel of Time series, while arguably influencing both.
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Warhammer: "Dead Winter" by C L Werner[]

  • Book One of the Black Plague, set in the early days of the Empire (1000 years after the Age of Sigmar)
  • During the winter, a deadly plague strikes the Empire. As it grows worse, the skaven emerge from the Under-Empire.
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Warhammer: "Skarsnik" by Guy Haley[]

  • The rise and fall of the goblin chieftain Skarsnik, as recounted by Skarsknik himself to a mad playwright, who recounted it to a greenskin academic, who then shared it with the author of the work.
  • Though this is a very Warhammer portrayal of goblins, it should nonetheless serve as an excellent source of inspiration for SOTDL goblins, both PCs and NPCs.
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