Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia

Destruction magic is one of the most dangerous traditions 
since its spells tax anyone who casts them, causing bruises 
to appear on the flesh and wounds to split open. Mastering 
this magic helps destroyers cast Destruction spells without 
risk to themselves by focusing the damaging energies out 
from their bodies.

Level 7 Destroyer[]

Attributes Increase three by 1
Characteristics Health +3, Power +1
Magic You discover the Destruction tradition or learn one 
Destruction spell.
Destruction Released When you cast a Destruction spell, 
you can choose to take no damage from casting the 
spell. Instead, destructive energy rushes from a point you 
can reach out to a number of yards equal to your Power. 
Each creature and object in the area other than you 
takes damage equal to 1 + the rank of the spell you cast. 
A creature that gets a success on a Strength challenge 
roll takes no damage.

Level 10 Destroyer[]

Characteristics Health +3
Magic You learn one spell.
Utter Destruction When you roll damage dice for a 
Destruction spell you cast, replace any roll of a 1 with a 6.