Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia

Conjuration magic produces objects and creatures from 
nothing. Conjurers learn special techniques to let them 
create more powerful and frightening monsters to do 
their bidding. Although conjurers decide what forms 
their monsters take, many prefer common themes. Their 
monsters might have tentacles, display feathers, steam the 
air, or have bizarre anatomical structures.

Level 7 Conjurer[]

Attributes Increase three by 1
Characteristics Health +2, Power +1
Languages and Professions You can speak another 
language or add a profession.
Magic You discover the Conjuration tradition or learn one 
Conjuration spell.
Conjure Tiny Monster When you cast a rank 0 Conjuration 
spell, you can conjure a tiny monster in an open space 
within short range instead of using the spell’s normal 
effect. The conjured creature remains for 1 minute or 
until it becomes incapacitated.
Frightening Monsters You can grant monsters created by 
Conjuration spells the frightening trait.

Level 10 Conjurer[]

Characteristics Health +2
Magic You learn one spell.
Powerful Monsters The monsters you create with your 
Conjuration spells make attack rolls with 1 boon and 
their attacks deal 1d6 extra damage. Also, your conjured 
monsters last for a number of minutes equal to your Power.