Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia

Beastmasters master the secrets of Primal magic to forge 
bonds with animals they charm. Their magic makes their 
animal companions more powerful and enhances their 
own bestial transformations.

Level 7 Beastmaster[]

Attributes Increase three by 1
Characteristics Health +2, Power +1
Languages and Professions You can speak another 
language or add a wilderness profession.
Magic You discover the Primal tradition or learn one Primal 
Primal Beast When you cast the beast within spell, the 
bonus to Speed increases by 2, and the extra damage 
from your attacks with unarmed strikes and natural 
weapons increases by 1d6.
Primal Bond You forge a bond with animals charmed by 
your befriend animal spell. You gain all of the following 
• When you would be targeted by a spell, you can 
extend the spell’s effect to one animal you have 
charmed that is within medium range.
• While you are within medium range of an animal 
charmed by you, you and the animal make all 
Perception rolls with 1 boon.
• While you are within 1 mile of an animal charmed 
by you, you can communicate with that animal 
telepathically even if you do not have languages in 

Level 10 Beastmaster[]

Characteristics Health +2
Magic You learn one spell.
Primal Power Animals charmed by you make attack rolls 
and challenge rolls with 1 boon. In addition, their attacks 
deal 1d6 extra damage.