Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia

Bards have great skill as performers, but they are no
mere minstrels. Mastering Song magic gives them many
advantages when interacting with others. They can draw 
from the songs and poems they learn to gain clues about 
the world around them, and weave magic into their music 
to manipulate their audiences, whether to inspire them or 
demoralize them. Bards are highly sought after over the world
for their skills and expertise, and are found welcome almost 
anywhere they go.

Level 7 Bard[]

Attributes Increase three by 1
Characteristics Health +3, Power +1
Languages and Professions You can speak another 
language and add the entertainer or musician profession.
Magic You discover the Song tradition or learn one Song 
Esoteric Knowledge You know a bit about everything. You 
make Intellect challenge rolls to recall useful information 
with 1 boon.

Level 10 Bard[]

Characteristics Health +3
Magic You learn one spell.
Disarming Charm When a creature becomes charmed from 
a spell you cast, you can also make the creature impaired 
until that charmed affliction is removed.
Swift Song You can use a triggered action on your turn to 
cast a Song spell you have learned.