Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia

Astromancers study and master the magic of the celestial 
realm, calling upon the light of the sun, moon, and stars 
to obey their commands. They display their unequaled 
power when they cast Celestial spells, shining like 

Level 7 Astromancer[]

Attributes Increase three by 1
Characteristics Health +2, Power +1
Languages and Professions You can speak another 
language or add a profession.
Magic You discover the Celestial tradition or learn one 
Celestial spell.
Inner Radiance When you cast a Celestial spell, you can 
use a triggered action to emit light from a point within 
your space out to a number of yards equal to your 
Power. The light moves with you, remaining centered on 
that point, and lasts for 1 minute or until you cast another 
Celestial spell.
Intense Light Your Celestial attack spells deal 1d6 extra damage.

Level 10 Astromancer[]

Characteristics Health +2
Magic You learn one spell.
Blinding Corona When you use your Inner Radiance talent, 
each creature within 1 yard of you must get a success on 
a Strength challenge roll or become blinded until the end 
of the round.
Power of the Sun Whenever you cast an attack spell from 
the Celestial tradition, you make the attack roll with 1 
boon and creatures make challenge rolls to resist the 
spell with 1 bane.