Shadow of the Demon Lord Wikia


Abjurers strive to master Protection magic. Such a focus on defensive spells might result from deep-seated paranoia or bitterness over a previous violation. Most who become abjurers are naturally suspicious and discover the deeper understanding of the tradition they have, then even greater the distrust. Many abjurers go to great lengths to protect themselves. They might conceal their appearances, erase their histories, adopt different personas, or simply keep to themselves.

Level 7 Abjurer[]

Attributes Increase three by 1
Characteristics Health +2, Power +1
Languages and Professions You can speak another 
language or add a profession.
Magic You discover the Protection tradition or learn one 
Protection spell.
Guarded Casting When you cast a Protection spell, you 
gain a bonus to your Defense equal to 1 + the rank of the 
spell for 1 minute or until you use this talent again.

Level 10 Abjurer[]

Characteristics Health +2
Magic You learn one spell.
Warded Creatures make attack rolls against you with 1 bane 
and you make challenge rolls with 1 boon to resist attacks.